Curriculum Features

St. Hilary’s Years Curriculum Features

St. Hilary’s is committed to providing students with an advanced and well-balanced curriculum of interdisciplinary knowledge, skills and processes. The formal curriculum will encompass a wide range of school activities and learning experiences. This will ensure that multiple intelligences of our students can be fully and individually developed.


Advanced and well-balanced Interdisciplinary Literacy

St. Hilary’s is committed to promote the spiritual, moral, cognitive, emotional, imaginative, aesthetic, social and physical development of students at the school and in society, and help engender an appreciation of creativity and achievement.


In St. Hilary’s, we

  • build strong foundations in languages and literacy, numeracy and mathematics, technology, media studies and social-cultural knowledge through interdisciplinary links
  • enable students to realize their own unique skill sets to reach their true potential through cross-curricula opportunities
  • allow opportunities for success to develop confident lifelong learners who are equipped with the drive to excel in a global context