Student Development

Student Development

Students Support

Every child is individual. VNSAA St. Hilary’s aims to cater for uniqueness in developing students’ learning diversities. There are various learning groups or clubs for students to join to further develop their abilities and interests.  A Student Development Center will be set up to guide and support the needs of the students.

Character Building

VNSAA St. Hilary’s has school-based moral and civic development and growth education programmes with emphasis on Chinese core values, traditions and culture. Home room teachers act as mentors for students and give support and guidance on their personal growth and character building.

Local and Global Perspectives

To widen our students’ horizons, VNSAA St. Hilary’s organizes local field trips and day camps as well as overnight camps in upper primary grades. In line with the school’s vision in developing students’ global vision, We will also organize exchange programmes and overseas excursions; with specific themes and educational goals for students in Grade 4 or above as well.